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Green Energy

Goal $10,000

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Charity Support

Goal $10,000

One of our founding principals is the work we do in community with local charities. Each week we host what is called a Karma class, where 100% of the proceeds are given directly to local/global charities or those in need. Each month we will tally up money we raise and send a cheque off.

Moksha/Modo Studios across Canada, the US and a couple abroad have raised over $3,200,000.

Please join us for our weekly karma class to help make a difference in the community and across the globe.

$7,92979% Raised of $10,000 Goal
Karma Classes
01/02/2017 — 01/01/2019

Karma Classes

Join us every week for $5 classes to support local/global charities in need.

In support of: Various Charities